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We have tried to provide information below to make your life easier! If you would like to see any other information please let us know.


If you have changed your address, email or phone numbers please let us know.

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Due to Covid-19 guidelines, we are unable to host visits to the Nursery during nursery hours.

We feel it would be highly beneficial for you to visit the Nursery before applying for a place for your child. This enables us to meet and get to know each other, but most importantly that you are content with our Nursery and its surroundings and feel that your child will be happy at the Village Nursery. Please note, however, that places will be confirmed at a later date and that a visit does not mean a guaranteed placement.

If you would also like to volunteer to help, e.g. cookery week, please let us know.

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We encourage parents to communicate any news with us when you drop your child in the morning. If you have any additional queries, questions or messages. for your key teacher or feedback about the nursery, weekly themes etc., please let us know. We also love to hear of any milestones or special events in your child’s life, e.g. birth of a sibling, sleeping through the night, mastering a skill etc.

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We have a dedicated team of trained staff who oversee the Outdoor Education curriculum and your child will participate in a two-hour Outdoor session each week. Outdoor Education only occurs in morning sessions when we head into the Whiteley Village woods to investigate and see what wonders we can find.

In order to fully participate in these activities it is important that your child is appropriately dressed for the weather. To keep warm in winter, layers of clothing work best with thick socks (or a couple of thinner pairs). Remember that it can be a few degrees cooler in the woods under the cover of trees. Wellies, hats and waterproof mittens should be worn in winter and sturdy, closed-toe footwear (e.g. trainers) with a sun hat in the summer. Cotton long-sleeved t-shirts and trousers are advised even in summer due to the risk of scratches, nettle stings or insect bites.

Your child will be issued with their own pair of high-quality waterproof trousers on loan for the duration of their time at The Village Nursery. Please ensure that your child arrives in these on their Outdoor Education day. If they grow out of them, please return to the Nursery and we will exchange them for a larger pair.

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  • a.

    Please make sure that your children wear hard-wearing clothes that they can get dirty in – we love playing with paint, mud, pens etc, not forgetting puddle-jumping – a very important activity. For Forest School sessions please see point 4 above.

  • b.

    Please name all your child’s belongings and remember to dress them for the weather.

  • c.

    Please provide a bag for your child that includes:

    • Clothes - spare named top, bottoms, pants, socks
    • Toilet - nappies and wipes
    • Medication – times and instructions, eg inhalers.
    • Summer – suncream* and sunhat

*Please apply before nursery, we will top up


We do a lot of singing during Nursery, and so that you can join in at home we have provided the words for you. If you do special songs at home, we would love to hear of them, or even better come in and teach us.



We have a cookery week every term – volunteers are always needed - and children love to get involved and help, so we have provided a few favourite recipes for you.